Save On Electricity

Save On Electricity

The Library has partnered with Viridian Energy to offer Greener energy at affordable prices.

Thanks to the New Jersey Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act and New Jersey’s Energy Choice program, the companies that own the power lines no longer have a monopoly on selling you electricity.

You can choose among many electricity providers now, whether to purchase “greener” energy, or simply to save a few bucks on your monthly bill.

Or you can…

  • buy greener energy
  • save a few bucks every month on your electric bill
  • help the library

All at the same time!

Atlantic Electric will still service your power lines, and you will continue to receive your monthly bill from them, and pay your bill in exactly the same way. And unless you examine the bill closely, you won’t even notice that anything has changed… until you write the check, for a smaller amount than you are accustomed to writing.

How does this help the Library?

Excellent question! Marketing is a major expense for any business. Viridian Energy has chosen to partner with non-profit organizations like the Pennsville Public Library to handle some of their marketing. We tell about the opportunity to save money on your electric bill every month, and they donate some of the money they would otherwise spend on marketing to the Library.

Everybody Wins

We have brochures at the Library with more information, or you can visit our portal on the Viridan Energy web site to learn more – and more importantly, Sign Up And Save!