New Titles

New Titles

We will be posting lists of new books, audio recordings, and DVDs added to our collection each month. This page will have new purchases as they arrive on the shelf, along with links to lists for previous months.

MAY 2014


Donated by Dorothy Habron in memory of Jean Schermerhorn

McMahon, Jennifer / The Winter People

Meacham, Leila / Someset

Patterson, James / First Love

Donaated by Pennsville Republican /Club in memory of Lester Harris

Gould, Lewis / Grand Old Pary


Bell , Ted / Warlord

Brockman, Suzanne / Do or die

Buckley, Carla / Deepest Secret

Coble, Colleen / Butterfly Palace (LP)

Kingsbury, Karen / Fifteen Minutes

Martin, Valerie / Ghost of the Mary Celeste

Patterson, James / Private LA



Barbie in the pink shoes

Dallas Buyers Club (R)


Nebraska (R)

Thor: The Dark World

Twelve Years A Slave (R)


Evans, Richard Paul / Promise Me