Total losses in subsidies since 2008: over $150,000 PER YEAR

Most public libraries in NJ are Municipal Libraries, which are funded by mandatory tax levies. Pennsville Public Library is one of several non-municipal libraries in the entire state, and therefore is not entitled to state mandated tax funding.

The library’s fiscal year runs from May 1 to April 30.  In 2008, we received $150,000 of our $165,000 operating budget as a donation from the township. The township also paid for the health insurance of our full-time employees.

In 2010, township funding was cut to $40,000, a decrease of $110,000 from 2008 levels. At that time the township also stopped paying health insurance premiums for our employees, resulting in an additional $25,000 in expenses.

Through 2011, the county covered the expense of SIRSI, our library management and inventory system. The county is no longer covering this expense, which will cost the library $13,500 this year.

Finally, as a result of state budget cuts, we have lost about $3000 in annual state aid.

If you would like to donate materials or funds to the library contact the main desk or any board member.