Pennsville Public Library now has many e-books available for you to download on your Kindle, Nook, or other e-reader.

You can have 8 titles checked out at a time. The books will disapper from your device after either 1 week or 2 weeks (depending on the book). Although you cannot renew these e-books, you can always re-check them out after they expire.

Downloading Ebooks and Audiobooks for Pennsville Public Library Cardholders

Have your library card available to sign in.

  1. From your mobile phone or table, install the OverDrive app.
    • For Android devices, install using the Play Store.
    • For Apple devices, install using the Apple Store.
  2. Open the OverDrive app.
  3. Open the main menu.
    • For Android devices, tap the icon in the top-left corner.
    • For Apple devices, swipe from left to right.
  4. Tap Mange libraries (Android) or Add a library (Apple).
  5. For Apple devices, tap +.
  6. To find the library, enter Pennsville or 08070.
  7. Tap Search.
  8. Tap Pennsville Public Library.
  9. Tap the star icon next to South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative to add the library to the app.
  10. Tap South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative to access ebooks and audio books.
  11. Tap Sign in.
  12. Select Pennsville Public Library from the list of libraries.
    • Tap the arrow next to [select library] and scroll down.
  13. Enter your library card number.
    • Enter all numbers without spaces.
    • If the app does not accept your card number, contact the Pennsville Public Library.
  14. Tap Sign in.

Now you can browse or search for books to download to your device.

If you need additional help, go to help.overdrive.com.